Disco Bingo

Looking for something different for your venue then try our Disco Bingo Nights!

Now I know what you are thinking, “BINGO!!” but this is something fun and different. there's not a ball or number in sight!!

bingo nights

Disco Bingo rounds

Music Bingo, where you, for example, cross off the Artist singing the song.

TV Bingo where your ticket has 15 programmes on, we show clips and you cross them off.

Disney Bingo, where your ticket has pictures of Disney characters on.

These are just some of the games we can do, in fact, if you want something specific as a Bingo round we can do that too.

As for prizes, we play for a line or 4 corners and give shots and other small items away, then we play for a full house on the same ticket and the winner gets to select a mystery-themed box, with themes such as Biscuit Box, Bath Box, Kids Toys Box, Christmas Box the options are endless!!

So if you are looking for a good fun party night that is different from the norm, then Disco Bingo Nights are for you.

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