So you want a comedy night?

If you want a comedy night at your venue, we can help. Frank Entertainment have been putting on comedy nights for over 4 years in Manchester and around the North West.

Our experience of what makes a great room for comedy, comedians best suited for your audience, together with our professional sound and lighting always make for a great event.  We've put on comedy nights in pubs, restaurants, clubs, hotels corporate venues, and at festivals. Each venue is different, and we tailor our event to individual requirements.

"Really funny, really good people, really great night!"

We've built up a concise contact book of the very best comedians who have played at our clubs over the years. Our expertise comes from our experience.  We never book professional acts unseen.

"It was a really fantastic night of comedy!"

"Really enjoyed the night, one of the best things about it was the MC, who was fantastic."

"Some really unusual acts experimenting, and (for me) that was amazing."

How we promote our comedy nights

  • We promote all all our comedy nights we run in partnership with venues.
  • We offer custom designed print posters and flyers, online campaigns and promote all our events through social media platforms.
  • We collect testimonials and we're always building out (GDBP) website mailing list to let potential customers know when and where are next events are taking place.

About Our Comedy Gigs;

  • Most of our comedy night bookings come from repeat business.
  • We won't run a comedy night in just any room. Only those with good sight lines where we believe comedy will work.
  • We're competitively priced, and that's is reflected in  our reputation and the feedback we get from our events.
  • Crystal clear sound from front to back. Good comedians tell stories of being let down by bad sound and lighting. If doesn't matter how funny they are if they can't be heard. We use industry standard sound and mic equipment carrying out a pre-show sound test before every event.
  • When the lights go up it's show time. It's not a proper show without a clearly lit stage. We provide spotlighting to give focus to the stage the performer, letting the audience know the show is about to begin.
Frank entertainment have been staging events around the North West for over 28 years. Providing venues with quizzes, stand up comedy and music DJs of all shapes and sizes. We have have entertainment packages to suit a wealth of different tastes, from weekly and monthly club nights to bespoke and annual events. you host an event? 
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